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Effective Use of Club Flyers in Business Communication

Club flyers are an effective business communication material intended for wide scale distribution and fast audience targeting. It is a form of paper advertisement that is generally used by companies in their business promotional campaign. However, promotional advertisement is not the only thing that a flyer does. It is one of the most creative mediums that businesses can think of when it comes down to smart and effective content marketing. Hence it is an ideal choice for companies who are starting out new and are looking for an edge over their competitors in the market.

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Printing VIP Logo

Printing VIP Logo

Most of the club flyers generally have a double sided layout and can contain basic information like the company logo, product images or service names and the contact information. But then, some companies can also provide a little bit of information to give prospects some overview about the enterprise.

Club flyers can be distributed by hand or can be sent directly to clients via mail. The use short, crisp and colorful communicative elements and that is why is a perfect medium that marketing executives can send out to their targets on a bulk scale. Because you are going to handing them out to bulk targets, your cost of production is also going to be low. Think them as email-newsletters that get buyers to take the right Call-to-Action.

Types of Club Flyer Format

Club flyer format can come in different formats. The examples of which are –

  • A5 (roughly half letterhead size)
  • A4 (roughly letterhead size)
  • A6 (postcard size)
  • DL (compliments slip size)


They are small and easy to carry about, making it convenient for both the distributor and the reader. The best thing about club flyers is that they are available for both online and offline distribution.

With traditional flyers, one can post them on bulletin boards, fix them to windshields or paste them on walls, store windows and deliver in person, houses and on the road. Digital club flyers on the other hand can be distributed via email. The trick here is to make a reader open your mail and read it and for this, you need a smart and witty opening title to lure them to open your message. Along with these, comes the technique of designing the right kind of layout to make a good club flyer design.

What Makes a Good Flyer Design?

A good design is an effective medium of visual communication. It is essential because normally it takes less than five seconds to catch a reader’s attention and 90 percent of the attention is paid to the design first before any other component on an advertisement. So that calls for an effective design layout. Here are the things that you must be keeping in mind when you go for a flyer printing –

  1. Striking Headlines

Readers read your headline first before they look on to your body content. This is something that goes for both the traditional flyer as well as the digital flyer. When you get down to writing a compelling headline, make sure that you mention the benefits that will help to drive the attention of your readers.

You can try out headlines like –

  • Want to know the secret of having a trouble-free computer network?
  • Five Reasons Why John Smith is Your Ideal Computer Consultant
  • Five Shocking Reasons Why Mobile Apps are the New Marketing Tools
  • Tired of Worrying about Unexpected Website Hacks Killing Your Online Sales?
  • The Secret to Searching for a Fine Dining Restaurant Online?
  1. Company Colors and Logo

Colors are an important part of your company identity. Make sure you have your company is placed in the right place – that should be on the top. Now here is a difference in layout position when placing a company logo on your flyers.

The position of your company logo should be placed on the top. But while a traditional flyer can have your company logo placed on the top right, top center or on the top left corners, it is different in case of digital flyers.

A digital flyer should always have a company logo placed on the left side. Think of it as your website layout design. Why do you think websites prefer to keep the company logo on the left side? That’s because when a person takes a look at a website online, the eye shifts from left to right when taking in all the information. This applies to both the visual design as well as the textual design. The same applies to online flyers as well.

Make sure that you use colors that are generally used to represent your brand or company. This helps to make them easily recognizable in the eyes of the readers.

  1. Correct Color Modes

Flyer designs when done in a computer, comes in RGB color mode. This can work for digital displays but in case of printings, the right color mode that one should use is the CMYK mode.

This is very important because your flyer design will end up having different color modes if you forget to change the color modes from RGB to CMYK. You know this can ruin the look of your design, which can spoil the overall presentation of the design. Hence, make sure that the color modes are set right before you get going with your club flyer printout.

Club Flyers

Club Flyers

  1. Graphic Designs

Presentation is extremely crucial in communicative marketing. So you would want to make sure that your graphic designs on the flyer are the most eye-catching feature that can captivate the eyes of the readers quickly. Make sure that the coordination between the color and the graphics is strictly maintained. Images are highly relevant here so try going for high resolution images that won’t spoil the design when you are trying to get the flyers printed.

  1. Compelling Copies

Copies are again a very important marketing medium. How well and effectively you speak to your target audiences is actually what will be going to generate you leads. This is one of the reasons why big brands pay so much attention to their advertisement copies when they are out promoting something. For example- look at Apple’s marketing products. You will also get to see how they coordinate their graphic design with the type of copy they produce for a particular marketing promotion.

An effective marketing copy should have the perfect tone, information and message. It should have a Unique Selling Point – without which your copy is dead meat. If you are trying to promote a car, then go tell your readers what is unique about your vehicle that no other car brands have yet. Apart from just pointing out the specifications, demonstrate how your customers can enjoy a good and happy life if they start using your service. Sometimes, the trick is to show your readers the thing that you want them to see and this is possible only with a good and compelling copy.

  1. Proper Text Placements

Your text readability will depend a lot on not just the type of fonts that you choose but also where you place them on your graphics. This means that you need to make sure that your text colors should contrast with the color of your graphics. An improper color choice can cause the tones to merge that will render both the text and images incomprehensible.

  1. Text Colors

Color choice and graphic presentation are some of the elements that make your flyer visually attractive. However it can turn out to be a bad option if they don’t come out accurately on the text. This can happen especially where the text appears to be smaller in size.

Remember – the smaller are the size of your text, the harder it becomes to inject the colors. If taking the risk is not what you want to experiment in, then try using basic colors for your printing texts. The titles and the Call-to-Actions must not pose to be a major problem when you are choosing the right color displays. White and black are some of the most common colors that many marketing executives prefer to stick to. However, if you want to experiment with new colors, then consider increasing the size of your texts.

  1. Promotional Offers

Promotional offer is what that can make your flyers an effective marketing tool. Of course, that is one of the reasons why you want your customers to take the action and which is why you are distributing your flyers right? Its promotional time! In digital marketing it’s called the Call-to-Action and that is what you are going to do when you are out give away your flyers.

Here are some examples that demonstrate you how it is done –

  • Call now for a free digital printout sample testing!
  • Offer Valid till Oct 19. Hurry before all stock runs out!
  • Get one entry pass for every online registration today!
  1. Contact Details

Do not forget to mention your contact details below. This will bring your leads to your service. Here are some of the things that you can put down – email address, website information, phone number, address.

  1. Good Quality Paper Materials

Paper stock also plays an important role because that is something that people usually perceive when they read something. Clearly, there is no rocket science about this, it’s all psychological science.

A flimsy paper material feels rather dull that people might not be very much interested to read. On the other hand, a good quality glossy material can feel very appealing that readers would like to look into. How the color quality comes out also depends a lot on the nature of your paper. And this is very important when you are going for print out flyers. That does not mean you do not have to opt for paper stocks that are expensive. Only a professional one will suffice.

  1. Proper Bleeds

Consider using bleeds if you want to make your flyer designs effective. Flyers don’t have any visible borders and are not properly trimmed in the edges. So there lies the risk of your designs getting extended beyond the edges, thus shifting the design. This can spoil the entire design layout, something which you will not want to after having invested so much. The bleeds will help you to notice whether a design has got shifted from its place or not. If it gets misplaced, you can reposition it correctly again.

Now that you know what makes a good club flyer design, let’s talk about how flyers can be put to use.

You would find this to be very useless but again, do you how many different ways can flyers be put to use?  Guess not! So here is what you need to read next –

Here are twelve different and useful ways that you can use flyers as a marketing tool –

The 12 Different Ways to Drive Attention with Flyers

  1. Driving Traffic To Your Website

Use them as your immediate route to driving customers directly to your website.


Use creative graphics and texts. Make it the channel to build up the curiosity that will compel readers to take the next CTA or Call-to-Action.

  1. Promoting a Party

Got a party in your mind? Want people to know about it? Want to make it sound exclusive? Make the date prominent enough with a nice heading and beautiful graphics that are theme based. Do not forget to include your social media reference links from where you can get your party promotion viral.

  1. Organizing Competitions

If you are organizing a competition then make with compelling and attention grabbing with the right color and theme. Add things that will make the event look bright. That’s enough to get you all the attention that you need for the event.

  1. Charity Requests

You can use a flyer as a medium to ask for donations or scout volunteers. Get your message right and put down all the information correctly.

  1. Organizing Conferences and Trade Shows

Conferences and trade shows call for attendance. Flyers are the most effective medium to spread the information to mass audience faster within a short span of time.

  1. Hosting of Community Events

For community events call for both participation and attendances. You can distribute your flyers at schools, post offices, parks or shoot a direct mail instantly to bulk recipients.

  1. Promotion of Upcoming Holiday Carnivals

Upcoming holiday carnivals call for some fun. A time to get excited about, try distributing your pamphlets in places like a busy shopping mall where you are sure to get wider target audiences.

  1. Special Promotions and Where to Find Them

Restaurants often come up with special promotions and offers. The best way to let your customers know is distributing flyers. You can let your customers know about the time and the date of the event and the location where it is going to be held.

  1. Activist Campaigns

Activist campaigns have a message and a reason to spread. Flyers can help you out in making your message heard. Don’t forget to use images that relates to what you want people to hear about.

  1. Promotional Coupons

End of season call for promotional discounts and coupon sales. Stores need their customers to know about it. Here is what you can do to drive customers to your store – Flyers!

  1. New Inventory Promotion

Take advantage of the flyer if you have got a new promotion sale to make. Club flyers will help you out in your new inventory promotion.

  1. Promotion of Lesson Courses

Create a sense of urgency in your reader’s mind. This is what you need when you are distributing flyers on lesson courses.  Flyers are the most effective means of communication that you need in order to get to your audience. Promote the information like the course name and other details in your flyers. You can either distribute them to people personally or get them posted on local bulletin boards. The choice is yours.

Flyers are the most effective mediums to get your information promoted. Pay attention to the details like the design and the information. Remember to keep the information legible and concise and you will get the work done.  But if you just want to bulk mail all and get your work done fast then go for digital flyers instead.

How to Create Flyers for Your Business Promotion?

For many businesses, flyers are like the direct-go-to methods of promotion. You get down your entire marketing team on the road and they begin the process of handing the flyers over to any passersby, whoever comes by. However, this is where many fail to realize that flyers are not like leaflets. They have a different layout, pattern and tone of conveying a particular business, which is unlike other methods. Speaking of which, here are some of the basic rules that your flyer layout should have. Follow them if you want to generate maximum ROI from your investment. The layout and the style may vary from one person to another, so don’t hesitate to get downright creative with your flyers. In marketing and communication, creativeness knows no bar. So don’t hesitate to get downright creative –

Content and Design

A well designed professional looking flyer is fast to grab the attention of your customers. Make sure that the design is catchy, concise and readable even from a distance. Make sure you do not miss out any of these elements –

  • Business Name
  • Company Logo
  • Company Address
  • Contact Information
  • Web Address
  • Products, Services and Offers
  • Unique Selling Point

Do not forget to insert any additional information like coupon, discount and even social media contacts but make sure that the design does not end up being cluttered.


Now distribution is a marketing technique that many misrepresent or rather, misunderstand. The first thing that you must take care when distributing your flyers is study the location where you have decided to distribute your pamphlets. This is very necessary because it would be of no use if you do not know where your target audience is. You have got to identify the areas where your target audience are and then start distributing. You will discover plenty of possibilities to consider and here is how your distribution should begin –

  • Post on store display windows and on bulletin boards. Before you do this, make sure that you check the city’s laws and ask the store manager’s problem.
  • Send direct mails to your customers and include them in product shipments and invoices.
  • Strike a deal with the counter attendants at the store. They can help you out in distributing the extra bit of copies.
  • Work with complimentary business services to engage in the cross promotion of each other’s product. This way you can help out each other.
  • Display or hand them out at expos, business fairs and even at community events.
  • Insert them in between the pages of newspapers and magazines.
  • Upload them in your Twitter and Facebook group pages. Social media is now the fastest medium of communication that market executives value the most today. It will remain the single biggest trend in 2016 this year.

Measuring and Adjusting

Start working on the next set, when you are done distributing the first set of flyers. How do you know whether your first lot of distribution was a success or not? It’s an ongoing process, just like any other marketing mediums of promotion. You will notice that the average response that will generate from the first set of distribution will often turn out to be a disappointment. The ROI generated often turns out to be as low as one percent. But don’t give up hope. That’s the way marketing is – a constant cycle of analyses and experimentation until you can hit at the bull’s eye.

If the first ROI rate is less, then try finding out what went wrong and start thinking how you could have worked things out. Fine tune your message a little bit to check how your audience responds to that. Try out two different versions of flyer set and see which one has better performance. You might want to continue with that. Make sure that you do not miss out the Call-to-Action. Go verbal with it. Sometimes going verbal can help to grab a passerby’s attention, luring him to the point where you are standing. Spell it out and you are sure to generate better returns.

Get Inspired

The best way to begin with your flyer marketing is to learn how others are doing it. Really! There seems to be no dearth in the number of flyers out there in the market. So grab a few and start studying them. You will find a thing or two to learn from them and implement them in your flyer too.

Be the Attention Seeker

Attention seekers might be annoying. But if you have an interesting thing to tell, then a little bit of attention seeking will not do any harm. It’s like advertising. Market executives want it, target audience like it. Direct their attention to the right place with a catchy headline.  For instance, if you have a free offer then say it out loud. It is always better to say “Free Hotdogs for Two at Just One Price” or “Fresh Cream Rolls” than headlines like “XYZ Hotdog Service” or “Miranda’s Cream Rolls”.

Become the Conjurer

Your marketing message should like the conjurer. They should be able to enchant and stir up people’s attention with their words.

If you have opened up gardening service and want the people to know about it then go with your words like this – “Maintaining a beautiful garden is tough and needs regular care. At Lawn Mowers, we do that for you. Our efficient gardening services include rubbish removal, lawn mowing and even planting new seed beds for you…”

Show them the reasons why they should want your services. In case of the above mentioned example, it could be that they do not know how to take proper care of a garden or might be too lazy enough to take good care of it themselves. Tell them how going for your service will make their life easier and better.

If you are not good with your words, then get yourself a professional expert who is good with his or her words, like a copywriter. The investment will be worth it.

Continue with the Conversation

Do not stop your conversation with your target audience. Keep the channel open and flowing. While the conversation may come to a stop on print flyers, you can continue this conversation direct to your website. What do you want your customers to do after reading your flyers? Take them the call? Learn more about the service? Or fix an appointment? You have got to spell it out.

Do Not Miss Out Proof-reading it

Accidents can happen and is normal, but overlooking them is a great crime and is doubly lethal when it comes to business promotion and marketing. Check your spelling, contact information, the website names and even the website URL. You are sure to find one or two mistakes.

When You Have a Tight Budget

Select a unique or a bright colored paper. Get your message printed in black. If you want, use shades of grey to give your design some contrasting background color.

Don’t Complicate Things

Make your typefaces simple. Do not choose more than two typefaces and make sure that the items are aligned to a grid. Be aware of the printing margins. Your page layout program will have non-printing guidelines. When designing a flyer layout, make sure that you leave out ½” margins on all the sides. You may add the 1/8” of spaces for the bleeds on the edge of your flyer page.

A Thing or Two about Club Flyers, Leaflets and Brochures

A lot of people tend to confuse the difference between flyers, brochures, pamphlets and leaflets. Understanding the purpose of each of them will help you to realize why flyers could be what the right business promotion medium is for you.

  1. Flyers

Flyers can also be called handbills. It is generally an A4 size sheet and is used mostly for small scale marketing in small regions. However, flyers are considered to be the most cost effective way of reaching large customer base.

  1. Leaflet

A standard leaflet size is actually A6. They are comparatively expensive and are mostly distributed by handing them over the concerned target audience. They often need to be tactfully placed in places where people are bound to notice them such as restaurant tables.

  1. Brochures

Brochures are like company profiles. They contain information about a company, its missions and visions, milestones, services, etc. They can come in multiple folds, where each paper is denoted for specific information. They differ in size and can often be bigger than a flyer and a leaflet.

Flyers have long been one of the most output oriented advertising and highly economical medium. It has been one of the most preferred choices of business communication by both large scale and small scale companies. Perhaps a look back into its history will find you some interesting facts about this typical marketing medium that you might want to know –

Some Typical Mistakes Generally Found on Most Flyers

Most of the flyers have the same mistakes full of missed opportunities. If you are new in this, then make sure you are not including these mistakes too –

Avoiding the Mistakes

  1. Do Not Make Your Business Name the Headline

Customers might not know your name. So why should they even be interested in reading about you. Your flyers are out there to promote your business, so just don’t kill it instant by putting your business name as your headline. Your flyers will have an instant hand-over-death, because customers might not even want to read something about a company. That is a grave brand misrepresentation and you must avoid in all possibility. So hit them with some more general that your target can comprehend. Like for instance, instead of writing John’s Lawn Service, create a headline that says something like this – Save More by Getting Your Lawn in Shape This Summer.

  1. Don’t Create Big Blocks of Content

Here is what most of your targets will do when you hand them over a flyer – They will first read or not read the heading. Next they will either decide to contact or throw your flyer into the bin. The latter part is certain in majority cases, so you need to strategize your market communicative plans according to that. Make your content readable. Get down to listing down your services. Readers don’t like anything that does not catch their attention. And in most cases, marketing materials can fall in that list. Small sentences make things easier for your readers. So make it simple for them and you are going to make your business promotion simpler.

Keep your information in three to four lines. Divide the information in lists. That’s easier for the eyes and for the brains to retain.

  1. Personalize Your Business

Customers like working with businesses that they believe are more knowledgeable and more efficient. The thing is that, customers believe what they have been showed. That is what is called business personalization, where you tell them why you are different from the rest and why they should come to you for solution.

Are you knowledgeable? What about trustworthy? Will you understand their problem? If yes, show it. As they say, seeing is believing. That is why, when you talk about your service, put in knowledgeable information that will make your customers believe that you know what you are talking about. It is plain business!

  1. Avoid Using Passives

Most flyers have a typical passive ending that goes something like this – “…call 999-9999”. Why not add something that triggers off an action before you close the deal. Here are some proven closers that you need to have a look right now –

  • Buy Before (Date) to receive $10 off
  • Buy Before (Date) and get free 20 percent discounts for every purchase
  • Call for an instant-home-consultation and get free samples delivered

Putting the incentive in the last bit will work to give you triggering results.

  1. Don’t Leave the Back Side Empty

Design and printing of flyer advertisements are but small parts of an overall marketing expense. The major part of the expense goes to distribution. So take the opportunity by going for two-sided flyers. They can help to double up your marketing promotion. Just keep the messages different on both sides.

Here are some ideas that you could use instead for the back-side of your flyer –

  • A Price List
  • A Menu List or a Comprehensive Service List
  • Promotion Coupons and Offers
  • Large Company Logo
  • Customer Testimonials
  • Company Information
  • Relevant Tips and advice
  • Frequently Asked Questions and Answers
  • Latest Press Release Printout
  • Recent Work Mentions
  • Relevant News Paper Clippings

Expand your business information that will help to enhance your business message.

  1. Don’t Shy Away from Asking for a Pass along

Everybody knows how word-of-mouth referrals can be powerful tools of promotion. So why shy away from it here? Flyers are helping to promote your business is it not? Then putting a word or two of request will not do you any harm.  Here is a message sample that you can read and use it if you want in your flyers – If you can’t use our service, pass over the information to someone who needs it. You will be doing well to both of us.

It is a cost effective and waste management solution, which can bring a huge-payoff to your service. You can prevent people from throwing your flyers into the bin just because they do not need your service. This might call for some emotional triggers and if you are not sure how to do it, again the copywriter is always there to help you out. You have just got to ask for professional help.

  1. One Time Blasts are Not Effective

One time promotions are seldom effective. Hence addressing your target audience with the same message at least thrice is the general thumb-rule that many advertisers do. If possible, try combining your flyers with different channel mediums. Try posting them in public areas like schools, community centers, libraries and other places. Take the advantage of your surroundings wherever you get the chance in your target location.

  1. Why forget About Going Creative

Why not go creative when you can double the reach? This is a common mistake that most market executives make. The general size of a flyer is recognizable, which customers might not want to look into even. This is where they are going wrong because they don’t know what they are missing out here. Experimenting with the size can lure your audiences into checking them out. Vertical narrow flyers can become ideal door hangers. On the other hand, diagonally cut flyers will have a triangular shape that looks funkier and attention seeking. Which one would you go for?

10 Interesting Facts about Flyers

  • The first printing company to introduce flyers as an effective business promotion medium was Thumbrack Bugle, San Francisco, CA, United States.
  • One of the largest art festivals of the world that is held each year in Scotland is the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. It has a tradition of handing over as many as millions of flyers to people, walking along the Royal Mile.
  • Flyers played a very important role during the American Revolutionary War, where it won the support against the Stamp Act.
  • According to market survey, people like receiving flyers the most on weekends and the least on weekdays.
  • Even in the twenty first century, flyers were a medium of advertisements that people favored the most compared to online advertisements.
  • More than 65 percent of people prefer receiving flyers inside the newspapers and magazines.
  • Flyers are generally printed on standard papers; however they can also be printed on glossy papers too.
  • Glossy flyers are more popular than the regular ones.
  • Adults appreciate receiving printed flyers more than digital flyers.
  • Custom flyers are one of the most effective communication tools and 29 percent of them are said to generate positive leads.
  • 69 percent of businesses prefer going for newspaper insert flyers.


Flyers are effective marketing tools that have been helping out businesses for many generations. Every set of business communication tool has a different purpose and flyers are no less. Flyers are very cost effective. So make the most of this business communication tool and you could achieve a lot more.

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