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Why to Send a Postcard to Your Clients and Customers?

Do you want to log in any social network site in order contact your friends? Or will you prefer to send a physical and real postcard with the photo, with the words from your heart? In this fast and technology-advanced world, you can never neglect the good old postcard. Here are some of the top reasons to send a postcard.

  • Sending postcard is more powerful than sending an email. Not only does it say a lot more but it’s more personal. You can take the time to select the card and write the thoughts down on it.

01 Business Cards

  • When you receive the postcard, you know where it’s from. The story is described and revealed through the pictures and the text on the card.
  • You can receive the postcard. It can make someone’s day and can also emotionally connect to people in the powerful manner.
  • Sending the postcard gives the sender an opportunity to show someone where they are in the world or on their vacations.
  • It can be a beautiful gesture of love or friendship. It hardly matters where it comes from.

02 Postcard Printing

  • By sending the postcard you can share your thoughts which can be difficult to express face to face.
  • The photo that you choose to send to someone can tell the story, even more than words can.

03 Every Door Direct Mail

  • It’s more inexpensive to send the postcard to your family and friends than the normal letter may cost.
  • You can send the postcard on the spur of a moment, especially because it’s easy to do. You need to purchase the postcard, add the stamp and write and post it.

You can receive a postcard in the mail. It’s a great surprise and can be kept in the prominent place, like on the notice board or fridge for a long period of time. Thus, you can see that the postcard is completely different to emailing or chatting on the social media sites. People appreciate of getting the postcard as they know you made an effort to send it. read more