Designing an Excellent Rip Business Card

A business card is still in great demand in this era of digitization. People still prefer to exchange business cards rather than just phone numbers and links to social media profiles. Business cards are also a great method for promoting your company and yourself to other possible clients.

Nowadays, people are constantly trying to figure out how to promote their businesses inexpensively. You can use your business cards to do so. However, you will need to make a business card that is absolutely different from your competitors. You can choose a cheap rip business card marketing system to boost your chances of being noticed by consumers. Since you will need to invest in business cards, you can give them more marketing potential if you go for a rip business card design.

Benefits Provided By Rip Business Cards

Business cards need to be noteworthy so that people can recall the card when they are in need of your services. Rip business cards reduce this worry because of their design. A rip business card is meant to be torn off or ripped from another printed advertising material. Usually, the other piece of paper is a flier, brochure or a postcard. This makes it much more memorable for people and they manage to be very effective at getting your message across to your customers.

Rip business cards are shipped with another advertisement. People can refer to your brochure to gain more information about you. After they have grasped your message they can tear off your business card and keep it with them for future reference. The relationship between the business card and your brochure becomes mutually beneficial. You are helping your business card give out more information about your company through the brochure. Brochures are generally ignored by people unless they are attractive. Your rip business card will grab the people’s attention and make them go through the brochure.

Small companies will find the concept of a rip business card suitable to their advertising plans. Rip business cards are very cost effective. First of all, printing these cards is very cheap thanks to the modern technologies employed by most printers. Then, you will be saving money in mailing. Instead of sending your business card through one mail and your promotional material through another, you will need to send only one. You are essentially saving the costs of one mailing trip. You will be saving money on printing costs as well.

Designing an Impeccable Rip Business Card

A rip business card needs to be designed with care. It is different from a normal business card because its design will need to match that of the brochure or flier. You cannot design a rip business card which is different from the material with which it is being printed. This will make the entire layout look odd and silly. At the same time, it will need to look presentable and professional.

Instead of designing an exact business card, you can make different shapes for people to tear off. The design can be something suited to your business. Rip cards designed to look like burgers can be perfect for fast food joints. You can also make your cards act like coupons. These business cards need to stand out and therefore you will have to them as extraordinary as possible.

Since rip business cards are not the average business cards handed out after meetings and conferences, you can exercise a bit of freedom in its layout. You can include various details in the back of your business cars. Lists of your services or a map guiding customers to your establishment are possible items that can be printed at the back. These rip cards can also be used as a form of invites and even as bookmarks.

The design of your rip business card will need to reflect the overall design. If you are going for a colorful floral design for the brochure then the same pattern must be continued on the rip business card as well. The main part does not need to contain any information regarding contact details as they will be present on the business card. Simply duplicating the information will waste a lot of valuable space. However, it is better if you include your company’s logo and name on the main part as well as the rip card.

If you are using images to design the overall background of the card, you will have to ensure that it does not disturb the business card portion. Once your business card is torn off, then the images might not make any sense. Furthermore, business cards are not an ideal location for images. It will reduce the effectiveness of your rip business card.

A good material will be required for printing. Business cards need to look good and feel durable. They will be giving your customers and idea about the way you run about your business. Using the cheap materials found in fliers will make people feel that your company is cheap as well. A durable stock of paper is a good option. It does not need to be of the same quality as normal business card stock. Lamination will be a great idea as it will impart a shine to the cards. Your finished product will look good and will last for an extended period of time.

Hiring an online agency for printing is a good way to reduce your costs on printing. They will print your rip business cards at low costs. It is better if you place bulk discounts at these agencies as some of them give discounts on substantial orders. Most of these agencies are equipped with the latest technologies. The prints which you can get from them will be of a higher quality. Moreover, you will get your order within a span of a few days. If possible, they might even deliver it the very next day.

You will need to invest in ideas that can attract more customers to your business. Ideas like rip business cards will make your company look unique. If your card is attractive enough, you will be able to attract a lot of customers.


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