Things to Target in Brochure Marketing


When you are thinking of brochures, the primary concern should be the format. Most of us think of the basic trifold brochure which is nothing but a piece of paper 8.5″ by 11″ that is folded into thirds. It can be a good choice, but let it not be your ideal choice. If you need to give out only a few details, consider the card rack format. Here, the standard size sheet of paper is cut into 3 distinct pieces or a legal size sheet is cut into 4 different pieces. A full color rack card can deliver a high amount of value over the trifold brochure as you are getting 3 to 4 pieces for the price of a single trifold.


Another important factor to consider is your sales pitch. While most of the brochures are targeted towards selling a service to the consumers, you can even opt for informational brochures that can be as helpful in charting the building blocks of your business. For instance, a lawn service can offer tips for better mowing of your lawn. If you are a painter, you can create a brochure that tells you about the questions that you are required to ask before hiring the services of a painter. Such are the types of brochures that place you in the position of a helpful and well-informed expert.

Printing Gift Certificates

Printing Gift Certificates


Brochures can establish you as a pro and create trust between you and your customer. It is not possible for an informational brochure to replace a sales brochure, but then you can combine the two to create a dependable sales strategy. Most of the brochures are printed in the CMYK mode. LCD screens and computer monitors are not all created equal. This is why there is a color difference when you view objects on the computer, cell phone, video recorder or digital camera.


More than anything else, there is a major difference in the way computer monitors and printers are made. They have a different color profile. The monitors make use of RGB colors, whereas printers produce the prints through CMYK. When considered in this light, it is not possible to get the right and most appropriate match. Although the printing companies have their own matches and calibration of computers, it means that both the presses as well as computers are aligned in a way that processes as well as produces the right combination of colors. The computer in your home is not calibrated with the values of your printers.


This can create a considerable effect on your printers, but then it also contributes to the fact as to why there cannot be a guarantee of the best of color replicas on to your print material by the post card printing companies.


Why Choose Brochure Marketing


Brochures are able to provide innumerable uses for businesses across the spectrum. When used as a support system for other types of marketing, the brochures provide a great explanation of the things that are offered by your business offers, while at the same time allowing you to convey your message in an effective manner. Here are some of the advantages that are brought about by brochure marketing:


Portable Salesperson: If you consider your brochure as your marketing associate, you can sell your services whenever you want and whoever your prospect is. This will allow your prospects to view the brochure on your own time. This will allow the people to listen to the message of the brochure and hear what you have to say. Once they view the message in their own time, people are likely to listen to it and hear what you are trying to tell them.


Easy Distribution: There is also the ease of distribution with the brochures that are printed by businesses. Most of the brochures can be folded into standard mailing sizes that can be sent individually or may be included as a total sales package. The brochures can also be handed out on to the streets individually, left in the offices of doctors, street corners with high traffic and more.


Credibility: Brochures add the added layer of credibility to your business. Once the customers get to view your brochure, they know that your business is for real, that it exists. When used in tune with other efforts at marketing, the brochures can build on your aspect of branding by showing that you are more than a mere business card or a letterhead. Brochures give your business the perfect opportunity to let your prospects know for how long you have been in business, why they ought to use your services and the total number of years you have been in the business.


Customization: The costs of brochure printing are gradually decreasing and this means that it is going to give a number of businesses the chance to use brochure printing services. You can hence create a tailored brochure for every demographic through enhanced customization, allowing the prospect to feel like an esteemed client.


Direct Mail: Brochure mailing is a large industry, and there are many reasons for that. If you mail brochures to a targeted list of prospects, you can find a number of ways of gaining business. The brochures can be self-mailed which means you can just fold and tab them, with the gluey round pads being applied on the opening for addressing to recipients. If you want to go for an expensive option, but a more personal one, you can have the brochures placed inside envelopes. This can be a great option for luxury items where you stand to gain ground through personalization.


Branding: Just like any other piece of marketing in your business, you need to ensure that branding is consistent. People consider your brochures for a long period of time, feel and touch them, read them and keep them in their desk. If you ensure that your brochure is branded well, you can clearly push your brand in your niche market.


Brochures are and will always be one of the most popular ways of marketing your business. With multiple shapes, sizes and options for customization, you can conveniently inform clients throughout the world.