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Business Card Printing-Your #1 Marketing Tool

Whether you have just come up with a business idea or have been in business for years. Whether you are a sole proprietor opening a very small out of your home business or the president of a large corporation your number one business marketing tool will be business cards. You can opt to print your own business cards or to use a business card printing service. You can choose from local business card printing companies or online business card printing companies.

The options available for custom business cards are endless. There are raised print business cards, letterpress business cards, zebra print business cards, plastic business cards, magnetic business cards, folded business cards, rounded corner business cards, and so many more to choose from. You can choose matte finish, glossy finish, satin finish, or whatever you may wish. Then of course you can order free business card prints online, print your own business cards using MS Word, you can order Vista print business cards, or use Kinko’s business card printing services.

There are things to consider when ordering your business cards. You do not want to have so much information on your card that it will look tacky. You want to keep your business card design simple. You can design your own business cards for print or you can have a company design your business cards for you. You can even make business cards online free and print them on your own. Whatever route you decide to take make sure you have the basic information on your business card and add to it from there. You will want your company name, your name, a way to contact you such as your address and phone number, a fax number if you have one, your email address and website url if you have those. From there, you can add your company logo, a picture of your business or yourself, your company motto. A brief list of services you offer.

It is really up to you, but keep in mind, the purpose of the business card is mainly for initial contact and from there you will talk further with your potential customer and utilize other marketing methods or whatever is fitting for the situation.

If you design your own business cards on your computer make sure you view it at 100 % magnification so you can see if it is pixelated. This is important because what you see is what you will get. So make sure you use the right photo or image enhancing programs when you design your own business cards for print.

If possible ask the business card printing service for a sample and this will help you to make a more informed decision.

Acquiring business cards may be one of the most important steps in getting your business out to the public so make your decisions wisely and keep in mind that some companies that offer free business card printing online put their logo on the back and that may not be the image you want to portray.

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