Finding the right printer for lowest cost for color copies

Color Copies vs Color Copies Deals

Finding the right printer for lowest cost for color copies

You have made the determination to use color copies because you know the industry statistics that using color in your marketing and promotional material can mean an 80% increase in sales versus using black and white copies. Using color copies ensures that your marketing message or report or flyer will have impact and stand out so people can see it. Now you just have to find the best printer with the lowest color for color copies.

The cost for color copies can vary depending on where you go to get your copies printed. Color photo copies or color prints can be made at a variety of different types of printers. It is worth it to do a little research to make sure that you are getting the lowest cost for color copies. The best price for color copies may depend on whether a printer is offering a color copy sale and what size printing job you need done, the type and weight of the paper you will use, the paper size, your budget and your timeline for completing the printer job. It will also make a difference as to how the printing materials you are creating will be used. Do you need to do double sided printing or is this for a self mailer that will need to be folded? All of these criteria and decisions will impact the cost for color copies.

The newest entrant in the printer market is online printers or copiers. In general, these online printers will be able to provide you with the lowest cost for color copies. However be sure to read the fine print as there can be limitations or extra charges. If you need your copy or print job done right away there may be an additional charge for a rush delivery. Some online printers also charge a set up fee and most have a minimum copy or print run. To be sure about the charges ask for a quote. Quotes are free and they are the best way to make sure you are getting the best price. If the job is for a large number of copies and you will be using specialty paper it is also best to ask for paper samples so that you can actually see the quality of the paper before you decide to print.

Another choice for making color copies or getting prints are the office supply stores or shipping stores such as Office Depot, Office Max, Staples, UPS store, or Federal Express’s Kinko’s. The prices for copying or printing in large office supply store chains is competitive and regular sales or coupons can bring the price down even lower. You can email your copy to the store and check the status of the order online and then have it shipped to you or you can pick up the order at the store.

Local printers are also worth a call to see if they can give you a better price or a faster turnaround time. You may find that local printers have the largest choices in specialty paper stock or printing choices. If you develop a business relationship with a local printer and provide them with regular work they may also give you the best price for printing or copying.

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