Do black and white copies still exist?

Do black and white copies still exist?

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Things have changed in the television, movies and many other visual media over the years. Printing industry has shifted from black and white to color printouts in the same way. Colored prints are made for banners, posters, reports and everything else. People like to use all types of colored graphs and images in whatever product they create. However, there are many reports and letters still being developed as black and white copies and some of the most essential documents still classified in this group.

There are a lot of documents that are still printed in dark ink on white-colored documents. These are then developed into black and white copies and distributed among many levels in the organizations. What printed in bright colors is provided to the customers and the important decision makers in the company such as the board of directors still get the black and white copies on their desks.

If someone claims that the era black and white copies have finished, they are sadly mistaken. That is why it is essential as a business owner that you understand the true value of black and white copies. These are definitely of low price, easy to understand and simple. Sometime it is very difficult to go through an evaluation that is loaded with all the colors in the world

Just as in color copies, black and white copies have a few factors that determine their price. If the quantity is high then the unit price will come down. However, using your office color copies by a copier to get black and white copies is a slow and tiresome process. You can try it if you only need a few numbers of copies but anything more than that, you should go for a copy store with automated copiers that have low unit costs and higher rate of copy speeds. This will ensure that you get your product in time for the lowest possible cost.

The ink expenses on black and white are comparatively low to that of colored copies. That will bring down the price a bit. However, the copiers on both formats can only manage a few standard sizes. That is why people usually use letter or A4 sizes. If you go with less popular sizes, you are faced with the challenge of finding special copiers to make such copies. These machines are expensive and that expense will be added to your bill making you pay more for each copy you make.

Delivery time is very essential, as most of these views are required for particular functions like a board meeting or a business meeting. Therefore, make sure you have the copies made well in advance. Most of the time, responsible people will need some time to go through the records and study them in order to come prepared for the meeting. If you fail to deliver the reports in time, they will find it very annoying at the same time the meeting will be of no real use to anyone. The blame can very well fall on you for not doing your job right.

There are websites that provide black and white  and color copies for very attractive prices. The secret for their low prices is that they own some of the most sophisticated copiers to this day. These machines are fully automated and they have very high turnover rates. Moreover, they are very efficient giving very low unit costs. However, there is also s downside to be working with them. Due to their special high tech equipment, it is a waste of time to employ such a machine on a small job. That is why most of these companies have a quantity minimum of a few thousand copies. Moreover, keep in mind that these websites will also have shipping charges and even though they may create you black and white copies within a few hours, it may take two to three days for the shipment to arrive over the mail. That will ruin the whole job for you unless you calculate this delay well in advance.

In short, black and white copies are more affordable than colored copies. However, all the other factors like quantity, paper quality and paper size, the delivery time and shipping charges will all apply for both forms of copies. People may argue that the days of the black and white copies are over. The truth is that most of the important documents and letters are still being made in this medium. Many people find it easy to read a black and white document than a colored document.Check for the originality via online in Staples Postcard Printing.